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Space Invaders AS3

I'm happy to announce that I am redoing Space Invaders in AS3. The original is written in AS2, but now that I can use AS3 I will be able to do a lot more with it. Like high scores when this site finally moves to a server with a database.

Welcome to CJ Games

Hi everyone, I'm Cameron, creator of CJ Games. Like many of you, I like to play games, but I also make them. This website contains games that I have made. :-)

Our lovely new logo:



Random Player Generator

New update coming soon, will include csv code for the cricket coach generator

Flash Games Overhaul

Over the next few weeks, most of my flash games will be having an overhaul. I will be adding an intro screen and the ability to save your  high scores!

Random Player Generator

Been working on a random cricket player generator for the past few hours. So far it only includes bat hand, bowl style, bat rating, bowl rating and keeper rating. One thing I have figured out is if the bowling style is 'Does not bowl', the bowling rating will always be 0.  Expect release tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! We start off the new year with a new colour scheme, and a fixed sidebar! :D

In terms of future games, I have an idea for a game titled Labyrinth. So is anyone wanting to make the maze for it? 

Maintenance Complete!

Site Maintenance is complete! The Mods pages have all been combined, now all that needs fixing is the Members Area

Site Maintenance

The Mods page will be going under maintenance in the next few days as I amalgamate the 3 pages into 1 to give me more pages (as I am limited by Webs). Just a word of warning, they will temporarily disappear.

New Game!

My first RPG game, Xhogaux - Zith's Last Hope Alpha 0.1 has been released!

Cricket Challenges

The 1st Beta will be released tomorrow (hopefully). Arcade Mode is now fully functioning, but the only challenge available is England v Australia 2005 Ashes 2nd Test. Australia lost by just 2 runs, but can you change it with Kasper and Lee the last pair at the crease?

Correction, will be available in the next few minutes. Have fun trying to save the test! 

Leadership 2011


First beta for DMMP3.0 will be up tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

Jumpbox 1.0!

New game, Jumpbox! Got the idea from the Impossible game, go to the Games page to play!

Mods Mods Mods!

DMMP2.1 is up, Australia Queensland and Sussex kits are made for ICC and SLPL v2 will be up in the next few minutes! :)

Mods Update!

The first Beta of DMMP2.1 is up! Coming very soon is some PUB kits for ICC!

Cricket Coach 2011 Mods

Join the site to gain access to my CC mods (also available from CC website) and soon get access to exclusive prereleases!

New Games!

You will now be able to view games in progress on the Gallery: In Progress page. You will able to access it when you become a member of the site.

Battlemonz CardMaker

It's here! The Battlemonz CardMaker is now availableon the"Battlemonz" page.


Have done all the teams for Cricket Challenges. The Battlemonz cardmaker will soon be available so stay tuned!

It's Official!

My new game, Cricket Challenges, is underway. Based on the Ashes cricket game by Luke Whittaker avaliable on state of play games. Basically you have to complete challenges that happened in real life. 3 challenges so far: 2005 Ashes 2nd Test, 2006 Aus v Rsa 5th ODI, 2009/10 Intercontinental Cup Afghanistan v Canada


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